Design and Responsibility

Graphic Design, Generative Typography

The fundamental matrix of design career is the project, the answer of a request by multiple constrains, it is precisely these limitations that move us: the marked field where we like to try to find the best solution for a problem. Increasingly we feel that design can and should be used to build citizenship, to provide the cement that unites us and relates us to help broker our life together and the relationship with nature. However we live in a time when the counterculture looks increasingly non-existent, in which Jack Kerouac and Mahatma Gandhi are used for GAP and Apple's announcements, so the aim of this project is to create a poster about the social implications of unpaid work. This poster should contain the following sentence “Sempre que aceitar trabalhar de graça está a prejudicar outros” - “When accepting work for free is damaging others“. Guided by Nuno Coelho, David Palma and Eduardo Nunes, teachers and designers.















The letters were automatically generated through a generative program in Processing Code.
The number of connections of the letters were calculated by the difference in values of direct adjustments collected on site compared with the national minimum salary from 2009 to 2014. Each color represents a year, and the greater the difference between values more connections will have the letters, is in the years when the amount paid to design professionals is lower than the highest national minimum salary the connection between letters
are bigger and vice versa.